About the Nechako Bottle Depot in City of Prince George
Nechako Bottle Depot


We are the City of Prince George’s only full refund bottle depot. You get $1.20/dozen for beer bottles and cans.

Nechako Bottle Depot


Drive your vehicle right up to our window and drop off your beverage containers! 

Nechako Bottle Depot is located in downtown Prince George on 1st Ave. Our friendly and helpful staff will assist you with a variety of recycling services and solutions. Call us or drop by our location on 1st Ave. 

Learn About Our Partners

  • ENCORP Pacific (Canada) developed and administers the Return-It Program. They ensure deposits are refunded to consumers at Return-It Depots and major retailers. They also collect and sort the empty beverage containers, as well as transport and sell them so they can be recycled into a variety of products.

    RETURN-IT IS NOT PAID FOR BY TAX DOLLARS, nor is it funded by government. The deposit paid on a beverage container is fully refunded when you return it, which means recycling of the containers needs to be funded in other ways. Part of the cost of managing the Return-It system is included in the price you pay for a beverage. Some of the funding also comes from selling the recyclable material to companies (many right here in BC) who turn them back into a variety of useful products. Unredeemed deposits also help to fund the system. But when all of these sources of revenue still can’t cover the cost of recycling, a small fee is charged.


  • Product Care Association (PCA) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit, product stewardship company. They are committed to making the recycling of special waste easy for everyone.

    PCA sets up collection networks for your unwanted products, develops transportation systems to move recyclable waste safely and efficiently, works with other recycling experts to create industry-leading material processing standards, promotes awareness of available recycling programs, and maintains detailed records of all this in order to report to regulators, stakeholders, partners and the general public.

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