Electronics Recycling

Recycling end-of-life electronics provides the opportunity to recover materials that can be repurposed, as well as ensures the proper disposal of hazardous chemicals that could otherwise pollute our soil and water.

Electronic items that can be recycled free of charge include:

  • Display devices
  • Non-cellular telephones
  • Home audio/video systems
  • Desktop computers
  • Portable computers
  • Computer peripherals
  • Desktop printers/multifunction devices
  • Personal/portable audio/video systems
  • Vehicle audio/video systems (aftermarket)
  • IT and telecom equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Medical and monitoring equipment that has not been implanted or exposed to infectious bodily fluids*
  • Video gaming systems and accessories
  • Small/large battery-powered ride-on-toys/micro toys/e-toys
  • Cellular devices and pagers
  • Floor-standing photocopiers/multifunction devices
  • E-bikes, e-scooters

*Please note: Nechako Bottle Depot is not obligated to accept any equipment we consider unsafe to handle.

Because this is not a deposit program, there is no refund paid to individuals recycling their end-of-life electronics.

Electronics Handling Fee

The electronics recycling program is funded by the Environmental Handling Fee (EHF), which is not a tax.

This fee is levied on the sale of new products that are regulated within this program, and 100% of the program revenue is used for the administration, collection, transportation, and responsible recycling of end-of-life electronics.

Multiple products combined in a single Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) package with a unique SKU are subject to one EHF.
Products that are not regulated within this program will not have a fee levied and will not be accepted at Nechako Bottle Depot.

Reuse Information

Return-It Collection Sites, including Nechako Bottle Depot, are designed to manage end-of-life electronic products.

If your electronic item has not yet reached the end of its useful life, you are encouraged to donate it to a friend, family member, or local charity.

Business Recycling Options

Businesses, retailers, and institutions who have unwanted electronics that need to be recycled can learn more about their options at recyclemyelectronics.ca/bc/business-recycling-program.

If your business would prefer to have their reusable electronics refurbished instead of recycled, BC Technology for Learning Society is a non-profit organization that distributes computers and laptops to schools, charities, and libraries throughout BC. More information can be found at reusetechbc.ca.

The Electronics Recycling Process

During the recycling process, raw materials such as metals, glass, plastics, and electronics are separated into categories including non-hazardous materials, electronic scrap, and substances of concern.

Depending on the item, it will be either hand-sorted or machine-sorted and sent to downstream recyclers for further processing.

All recyclers processing material through the Return-It Electronics program, including Nechako Bottle Depot, are audited according to Recycler Qualification Office’s (RQO) Recycler Qualification Program (RQP) to ensure that collected products are recycled in a manner that protects the environment as well as the workers’ health and safety.