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Deposits, Fees, & Container Types

Want to find out which containers can be returned? Want to know more about deposits, refunds and recycling fees? This is the place to look!

Deposit Values

Deposits are charged when products are purchased. They are returned in full when you bring back the empty container for recycling. These deposits are set through government legislation. Click here for the B.C. Government’s page on Beverage Container Regulation.

Container Recycling Fee (CRF)

Return-It is not paid for by tax dollars, nor is it funded by government. It’s paid for by all of us – consumers, retailers, beverage manufacturers and Encorp.

The Container Recycling Fee (CRF) is the fee Encorp charges to cover the net cost of recycling a beverage container type after any unredeemed deposits and commodity revenues for that container type have been used. The CRF varies for each beverage container category. As a not-for-profit, product stewardship agency, Encorp Pacific only charges the net cost for recovering and recycling beverage containers. The CRF reflects the current economic conditions of the drop in commodity prices and beverage volumes.

Beverage Container Recycling 

For a full list of an acceptable ready-to-drink beverages. Click here 

The searchable database of acceptable ready-to-drink beverages that can be returned at any Encorp Bottle and Return-It Depot for full deposit refund is available on the official Encorp website. This list is updated regularly. Click here to view.

Learn more about MILK CONTAINER RECYCLING IN BC –  Click here

  • EVERY CONTAINER YOU RETURN TO AN ENCORP RETURNIT™ DEPOT is one less container in BC’s landfills, and one more container that can be recycled into new materials. When you return your containers, you’re keeping our province beautiful, and our environment healthy. And you’re saving energy and raw materials, too. So Return-It. It’s Worth It.

    What difference does recycling make?

    A lot! Just by recycling your beverage containers you’ve

    Click here for the full brochure on the Beverage Container Recycling Program