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Make Nechako Bottle Depot your first choice.

Nechako Bottle Depot on First Avenue in Prince George is one of the community’s most convenient locations to exchange your beverage containers for cash and handle some of the more common recyclable items.

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Find out about our EXPRESS drop off option.

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A dirty job that helps keep our city clean

At Nechako Bottle Depot, we are committed to making recycling easy with our various programs.

While our three main programs are for beverage containers, electronics, and unused paint, we also have the ability to recycle some hazardous household materials, and we are pleased to be a go-to Return-It depot for bottle drive fundraisers in our community.

We understand that beverage container refunds help supplement the income of many of our customers, and as Prince George’s only full-refund bottle depot, we refund $1.20/dozen for beer bottles and cans.

Our hours of operation are Mondays through Saturdays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, and we are closed on Sundays and all statutory holidays.

Bottle Drive

Bottle Drives can be great fundraisers. Check out our tips on how to raise funds for your organization or community group.

Beverage Program

Beverage Containers

Want to find out which containers can be returned? Want to know more about deposits, refunds and recycling fees? Find out here!

Electronics Program

Electronics Program

Find out which electronic products can be recycled. Fees are charged based on weight, size or ease of recyclability.

Paint Program

The Nechako Bottle Depot also recycles paint, pesticides and fuels in Prince George, BC. Find out the limits and rules for recycling paint.

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